Hydration Therapy

Hydration Therapy

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Here we are going to clear the confusion and myth about Hydration therapy. Either you need it or not and what is in hydration therapy all your questions will be answered if you stay connected till the end of the page.

We all know that the human body contains 60 percent of water level. And water is an important element for the functioning of the body. A little bit of shortage of water and we instantly feel the desire for liquid, but it takes time to rehydrate our body.

Therefore, you need to know about Hydration therapy to overcome or to be safe from getting sick. 

Hydration Therapy

As we mentioned above when you take water or any other liquid it takes time to rehydrate your body. Therefore, we used to do hydration therapy to quickly deliver the fluid to the bloodstream through a small IV inserted into your arm.

This fluid is a mixture of vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and medication. When this fluid enters your body it quickly rehydrates your body and makes you feel healthy.

Benefits of Hydration Therapy

a hydrated body means a healthy man, to keep yourself hydrated people used to drinks lots of water but now the health-conscious find new way. That is to hydrate the body with fluids IV therapy.

This is the quickest way to keep the body hydrated plus it has many benefits over drinking lots of water. Let’s, discuss the benefits:

Hydration IV therapy is more Effective

Drinking water and liquids from the bottle is not much effective and did not accomplish your body requirement immediately. Usually when you are dehydrated after a workout then the water you take is first absorbed into your throat and then into the digestive system.

That means all the tissues of your body are not hydrated when you drink a glass of water. Therefore, you need to drink lots and lots of water to hydrate yourself. On the other side, if you go for hydration therapy, it will be injected into your bloodstream from your arms.

Then it directly delivers the fluid to all the tissues of the body in a faster way and works more efficiently.

  1. Fluids are not Enough

After a workout, your body required liquid along with nutrients and electrolytes. And a water bottle only can accomplish the demand for water in the body. Whereas the hydration IV therapy will complete all the requirements in much short time.

It refreshes and replenishes the body’s nutrients in a smaller period.

  • Beneficial for your Digestive System

The excessive use of water may harder your digestive system and cause many problems. To keep your body hydrated, you will take lots of water and that would be excessive than your body abortion.

So, your digestive system will take a longer time to get rid of fluid it cannot process. In this process, you may pass urine more than usual. It will also cause the loss of required nutrients in your body.

On the other side, if you go through hydration therapy, it doesn’t harm your digestive system and completes the requirement as well.

  • Immunity Boosts

The faster the immunity system works the healthier you are. Especially during the covid-19 duration, a strong and healthy immune system is our priority. It will save you from being sick and attack by viruses. 

  • Flushes Toxins from Body

Dehydrationcauses many problems and one of them is constipation, and it can damage your liver, and kidneys and did not allowed to flushes your toxins. The hydration IV therapy will save you from all such problems. By accurately providing the nutrients and vitamins and hydration level to the body.

  • Improved Skin. Joints and Muscles

Dehydration not only causes dry throat but also dry skin, joint pain, and muscles aching and leads to many other problems. The quickest solution to keep you healthy and beautiful is hydration therapy.

Through this therapy, your body will get enough liquid to troubleshoot the hard challenges and improve your health. 

Signs of Dehydration

  • Feeling Thirsty
  • Dry Mouth, lips, and eyes
  • Dark yellow and strong smelled urine
  • Lazy and tired feeling
  • Passing the urine after a very long time.

Causes of Dehydration

There are many reasons behind dehydration in the body. Like we mention above mostly when you work out in a gym or after exercise you sweat a lot and then your body needs some liquid for rehydration. Few other reasons will cause dehydration that are:

  • Diabetes
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Heatstroke or sunstroke (staying in sunlight for longer hours)
  • Excessive use of Alcohol
  • Too much sweated
  • High temperature
  • Ans many more.

What is IV therapy?

VI bag means the liquid or cocktail that is used in your hydration process. It is varying according to the situations of dehydration. The VI bag carries nutrients, electrolytes, and medications.

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