Women Health and Annual Physical Exam

Women Health and Annual Physical Exam

The health of women is very important because they are always considered as the backbone of the family. A healthy woman means a healthy and happier family. The health and wellness of women is depending on sleep time, sun exposure, nutrition, genetics, etc. 

A healthy diet plan with a moderated level of exercise will always keep you fit and energetic to live a balanced life. There are some cosmetics and products which keep you shine for temporary but those are not long-lasting.

So here we are serving you the treatments of women’s good health. We have a large group of physicians and nurses who are proudly serving the Sandbay urgent care. Our mission is to help women in all phases of their life and provide them high quality of care.

Annual Physical Exam

We have a professional and trained staff of nurses and doctors to give the women the best treatment. Every woman needs to have an annual physical exam. In the Annual physical exam, doctors will assess that how you are doing health-wise. In this way, you will know the infected area and doctors will provide you the precaution for the cure of issues.

An annual physical exam will help you to determine the problem of your body at an earlier stage and save you from high risks. Moreover, it will help to have an open and detailed discussion with doctors before facing any serious illness.

The annual physical exam includes:

Generally, the annual physical exam includes the following checklist.

01. Medical History

First of all, a doctor will ask your medical history and what current health concerns you have. Plus, they will ask you about your lifestyle and habits, including smoking and drinking. 

02. Vital signs

Vital signs mean your blood pressure level, pulse and temperature will be inspecting and record in your health maintenance file.

03. Heart and Lungs Examination

With the help of a stethoscope, they will check your heartbeat and breathing cycle.

04. Head, Neck, and Abdominal Exam

In this section, your body joint and muscles will be examined for any abnormalities. They will also check your throat and oral diseases.

05. Neurological Exam

The professional neurologist will examine your bones with a small experimental test. In the test, they will hit a small mallet on your knee to inspect the reflexes. In the second test, you may be asked to push and then pull the object with your hand and feet for checking your strength and balance.

06. Skincare

A general doctor will do a glance at your overall body and carefully check the abnormal moles, lesions, rashes, or spots on your skin. After that, a sophisticated precaution will be given to you.

All the above mentions are important areas which needed to be examined at least annually to keep you healthy and fit. Sandby urgent care offers a lot of other cures ad prevention services because we want you to stay happy, healthy, and live longer.

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